герб Санкт-Петербурга examination and diagnostic of stone in monuments of Saint-Petersburg
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Examination and diagnostic of stone in monuments of Saint-Petersburg is research project established with participation of the collaborators of Geological and Biological Departments of Saint-Petersburg State University . This project is directed to help at efficient preparing and subsequent correct carrying out of restoration works, concerned with natural stone.




Complex of our investigations and works consist of:

  1. Diagnostic of the stone definition of petrographic type of the rock, its structural and textural peculiarities and mineral composition
  2. Diagnostic of artificial materials definition of material composition
  3. Determination of the places where a stone was worked and recommendations for picking up of natural and artificial stones and materials for substitution of lost details and fragments
  4. Study of damages of architectural objects diagnostic of upcoming weathering forms, definition of object's damage, prediction of following destruction, making of the maps of weathering forms and levels of the damages, and also study of material composition of weathering products
  5. Diagnostic of biological damage of the monuments and materials and recommendations about possible ways of the protection

If you are interested in our works and services or you have any suggestions Then you can connect with us by using Guest book or by writing e-mail for research group (stonexam@yandex.ru) or for Savchenok Anton, one of the project's participants (savanton@mail.ru or savchenok@hotmail.com)

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